Surprisingly common among Olskir, Churkha is an opiate and mild hallucinogen extracted from the toxin glands of the Elipskathil Rock Millipede. Due to the simplicity of the refinement process along with the large population of Rock Millipedes, Churkha is extremely easy to obtain.

Refinement Process Edit

Churkha is relatively easy to refine, and is ubiquitous throughout northern Mammarkay as a result. Refinement begins with the extraction of the Rock Millipede's toxin glands, located just behind the mouthparts. The glands are squeezed into a flat dish, and the fluid is allowed to evaporate, leaving behind bright yellow crystals of pure Churkha. The remaining crystals are generally pressed into small lumps or cubes.

Side Effects Edit

Churkha is almost entirely pure Rock Millipede toxin, and can lead to severe side effects. Heavy consumption, especially among Wergolis races, can lead to gangrene of the extremities, hair loss, weight loss, blindness, and brittle bones. Elipskatharids have a natural resistance to Churkha's toxicity, and so experience negative reactions only in cases of extremely heavy use.