Born in PUTC 2144 to Elfish slaves of the Amnoqtep, Joh van der Souks received training as a mage-slave beside hundreds of others at the age of 18. With his newfound skill in spellcraft, van der Souks was made a supervisor of an Amnoqtep thaumatum mine in northern Maadleber. This continued uneventfully for several years until the Great Pilgrimage, when the Amnoqtep, lacking the resources to maintain their force of slaves, were forced to abandon their holdings in Maadleber, leaving van der Souks and his fellow slaves to their freedom. Now 27, van der Souks joined the Mages' Authority to restore order among his fellow Elfe, becoming instrumental to the establishment of the Elfenkrijk in the northern forests. In recognition of his service, the Authority appointed van der Souks to the position of Administrator of the Northern Principality at the age of 36, a position he held for sixteen years until the death of Meertjis de Haavlin, the Elfenkrijk's first Grand Administrator.

Tenure as Administrator of the Northern Principality Edit

Van der Souks' first action as Administrator was to order the construction of Maagisvast, a renowned college of mages, and one of the first such institutions on mainland Mammarkay. The construction process occupied much of the Northern Principality's labor for the majority of van der Souks' tenure, allowing him to divert his attention to the politics of the Elfenkrijk.

Appointment as Grand Administrator Edit

Upon the death of Meertjis de Haavlin's, the Convention of the Mages' Authority elected van der Souks to the position of Grand Administrator. Seeing the opportunities that the Elfenkrijk was ignoring, van der Souks established trade with Dwervothurga, bringing untold wealth to the Olskir.